Emdin & Russell, LLP, brings over 30 years of experience in the field of Criminal law. Both partners were Prosecutors and have tried hundreds and hundreds of cases.

As former Prosecutors, the ability to decipher the facts and predict the legal strategies and theories of State Prosecutors and Assistant United States Attorneys are among the firm’s most notable attributes.

When our clients are forced with what appears to be overwhelming circumstances our ability to keep them informed while educating said clients contemporaneously, ensures a collaborative process in resolving legal issues. Our candidness and ability to think outside the box, while limiting exposure, is our calling card for success.

The experience and expertise of Emdin & Russell, L.L.P. does not prevent the firm from collaborating with colleagues, in the profession, to assure the client receives the most effective representation.

The Law Firm of Emdin & Russell LLP has been the subject in the media for various types of cases.  Listed below are cases which Emdin & Russell LLP has been successful in representing clients.

Streetball legend Sues Nike and Foot Locker
Alleged Sexual Harassment at Sean John
Priest Girl Abuse Indicted In Brooklyn Fondling
Brooklyn Women Sues NYPD
Man Charged With Being A Fake Vet